A new program is allowing prison inmates to learn computer coding from jail. With this new technology prisoners are now designing their own website and apps while they serve time. One inmate actually designed a website that allows inmates to sell their artwork online while they are in the clink. All of this is made possible by a program called “The Last Mile” where prisoners can learn about starting a business or start-up in the modern business environment, part of which is learning the digital side of business – programming included.   This program is truly giving second life to all of it’s participants –Read More →

Your designers probably hate your developers and your developers probably hate your designers. This is not any good for teamwork. But how can you work around this issue? well, there are a few ways you can achieve this but they do require some attention to detail as well as large overall changes in your company and/or organization.   The first way you can go about changing the relationship between your developers and designers is to manage all of the individual tasks and projects properly. The best way you can start to do this is by breaking up the tasks and projects and delegating them toRead More →

In 2017 everyone needs to realize that that standard for web design has long been set. It’s time for everyone to get with the program and get on board with what works and is accepted as best practice when it comes to web design.   Confusing Naigation One of the absolute worst things you can have on your website in 2017 is an overly complex navigation. There shouldn’t be too many levels to your navigation and, overall, it shouldn’t be so complex and confusing that people give up and bounce off your page – a high bounce rate is very bad these days!   UsingRead More →

Web design is constantly changing and evolving – this past year was no different. 2016 was a subtle yet still a big year for changes in the web design industry. The industry, as a whole, continues to moves towards a responsive first and app based mentality in a large way. Many things changed or at least started to change in the past year and the following are the highlights. Negative space is now a positive thing. Negative space, or white space as many people call it, is now seen as a pillar of clean and responsive design. The more “stuff” you have on your websiteRead More →